About Us

The Concept Japan Story...

The Concept Japan story starts with the founders Katsu & Helen Ikeguchi and how their union in life became a partnership in business, family and the melding of two cultures. Katsu & Helen met as young adults in Adelaide Australia. Their romance led Katsu (from Koyoto Japan) & Helen (nee) Gordon (from Mt Gambier Adelaide) to living and working in Japan for several years before returning to Australia to start a retail business and subsequently the Concept Japan wholesale business and raise a family.

In December 1998 Ikeguchi Creative Life (A Japanese lifestyle and Homewares store) opened its door in the city of Adelaide. The Ikeguchi store brought a piece of Japan to Adelaide's city and paved the wave for Helen & Katsu to see a viable place to start wholesaling Japanese wares in Australia. The Ikeguchi store was an institution amongst locals and nationally for 16 years. It became the force behind building and exploring the very strong wholesale side of what was to become the focus of the business Concept Japan. In early 2015 Ikeguchi Creative Life was sold to enable Concept Japan to become the prime focus as its growth had exceeded all expectation.

Concept Japan was established in 2001 a few years into having Ikeguchi retail with both businesses in full swing being run by Helen & Katsu Ikeguchi all whilst raising a young family, it didn't take long to realise the wholesale side of things had great potential nationally. During the last 14 years of wholesale trade the Ikeguchi's have developed many long standing relationships with their Japanese suppliers and local Japanese artists and trade people. Biannual buying trips to Japan allow for a seasonal diversification of products presented to the Australian market twice a year, largely taking place at the Australian Gift Fairs in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Concept Japan are now one of Australia's finest and largest importers of Japanese gift and homewares. With a wide diverse range of products ranging from traditional to modern ceramics, paper crafts, incense, fashion & textile accessories to the quirky and cute gifts and stationery japan is known for. Concept Japan continue to break new ground in sourcing and introducing new wares from Japan while maintaining a deep connection and authenticity to the Japanese culture and all it has to offer.